Board of Directors
Helping Those Who Serve

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Board of Directors
  1. Jeremy Sprague
    Executive Director
    Jeremy is a police sergeant for the Des Moines Iowa Police Department. He also retired after 20 years in the fire service as a part-time Fire Lieutenant. He is a leader in the Peer Support concept. He specializes in providing training and critical incident response around the state. He is a certified instructor for the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation.
  2. Paul Ascheman, PhD.
    Asst. Director
    Paul is a clinical psychologist who specializes in first responders and peer support. He provides training to peer support members. He also provides agency consulting around the state of Iowa.
  3. Jessica Jensen
    Jessica is a sergeant for the Johnston Police Department. She is trained in CISM techniques and is a board member for the Iowa CISM Network.
  4. Rich Dejoode
    Board Member
    Rich is a detective for the Des Moines Iowa Police Department and is an active member of the Peer Support Team.
  5. Leanna Ellis
    Board Member
    Leann is a lieutenant for the Story County Iowa Sheriff's Office.