Jeremy Sprague


Jeremy is a public safety / emergency management leader who has 20 years experience in each law enforcement and the fire service. Jeremy has served in a public safety supervisory / management role for over 10 years leading others during critical incidents and crisis. During his time in the public service, Jeremy has versatile experience as a manager, incident commander, fire / arson investigator, death investigations, financial / fraud investigator, accident investigator, academy training instructor, field training officer, hostage negotiator, public relations, and DARE / school officer.

Jeremy forged new paths in the public safety mental health field. He created a peer support model and began the first peer support team in the state of Iowa for the Des Moines Police Department. He designed new and innovative training to train public safety professionals in how to help fellow employees through peer support. He has drafted legislation to protect privileged communication for peer support team members. This allow public safety professionals to share in confidence about issues relating to the public safety service. This bill was signed into law in April 2015. Jeremy is the department coordinator for the department's peer support team. He has helped individuals who have been involved in critical incidents, struggling with family dynamics, and suffer from PTSD. Jeremy holds a Bachelor of Science in Emergency Management Administration. He is currently pursuing his Masters Degree. Jeremy is a certified FBI Law Enforcement instructor. He is also an instructor for the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation. 

My Goals

"My personal goals for the Peer Support Foundation are to:
1.  Prevent first responder suicide.
2.  Prevent family discord.
3.  Not only have first responders survive to retirement, but thrive in retirement."