Peer Support Study

Below you will find a link to a short survey relating to peer support services and public safety in Iowa. Most agencies in Iowa do not have the resources or feel there is a need for such programs. This survey is aimed at identifying the needs of Iowa’s public safety personnel and determining the best way to serve those who in need. This survey will take only 3 minutes of your time but will provide invaluable insight into
the obstacles you and your co-workers face routinely. If you have already completed the survey on Facebook, please do not complete it again. The goal is to get a minimum of 700 responses as a sampling of the over 7000 sworn personnel in law enforcement. This survey is also available for fire, corrections, and communications personnel.

Things to know about this survey:

1. All responses are confidential—we ask no personal information about who you are,where you work, or any contact information of any kind.
2. Your supervisors and agencies will have no specific information about how many employees from any agency actually participated in the survey.
3. Only honest answers can help guide the direction of this project.

Lastly, who gets the results?
This project is a collaboration between the Peer Support Foundation (Sgt. Jeremy Sprague, Des Moines PD), the Teamsters Law Enforcement League, and the Iowa State Police Association. All answers are received via Survey Monkey and access is restricted to who may review the results.

Questions may be directed to:
Sgt. Jeremy Sprague, Des Moines PD
[email protected] / (515) 978-1078

Jon Thomas, Teamster Representative / Police Officer
[email protected] / (515) 360-8304