Director Jeremy Sprague speaking at the 2016 Black and Blue Ball in Des Moines Iowa.

We have experince in helping individual first responders and agencies who have been exposed to a wide variety of critical incidents.  We also have designed and administered training for first responders on how to respond to and help peers in crisis.  We are here to help.   Contact us today for specific details or questions.

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  1. Pre-Incident Education
    We offer trainings in the following areas: -Basic Peer Support -Critical Incident Stress Management (ICISF) -Psychology of the First Responder -Surviving Deadly Force Encounters -First Responder Suicide Awareness -and more.
  2. Family Support
    At times families feel left alone when their first responder is in crisis. We are only a phone call or email away. We can offer assistance to family members through the journey of healing.
  3. Peer Support Team Training
    ***Approved International Critical Incident Stress Foundation Instructor (ICISF) *** You can come to one of our sponsored trainings or we can come to your agency and conduct training. Call for more details.
  4. Agency Consultation
    Critical Incidents can easily overwhelm agencies no matter the size. We offer tailored consultation for agencies on how to best handle critical incidents. This will allow for first responders to heal. Unaddressed and non-validated responses to critical incidents can be detrimental to an agency.