About Us

Helping Those Who Serve

The overall goals of the Peer Support Foundation are to:

  1. Reduce First Responder Suicide.

  2. Reduce Family Discord.

  3. Have the first responder survive to and thrive in retirement.  


The Peer Support Foundation began with first responders who had the idea that there is more we can do to help the first responders in times of professional and personal crisis.  Throughout the first responders career they respond to and cope with horrific scenes of abuse, hate, loss, and grief.  The first responders then get back in the patrol car, fire truck, or ambulance and are expected to take the next call.  They are not only expected to be police officers, fire fighters, and medics but they are expected to be social workers, doctors, negotiators, mentors, ministers, and lawyers.  The are expected to make the right decision every time, all the time, in a split second. 


30 + years in the emergency service field can take its toll on first responders.  That is why we created the Peer Support Foundation.  We are here to offer assistance to first responders, families, and agencies.  We can assist with Pre-Incident Education, Crisis Consulting, and Follow-Up Reduction of Stress. 


We are a 501c(3) non-profit organization of first responders and mental health professionals who are dedicated to helping other first responders.


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