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Sheila Russell LISW, CADC, EMDR Certified Mental Health Therapist

Board Member

Sheila Russell is an experienced therapist and speaker who has dedicated her entire practice to working with first responders, military, veterans, and their loved ones.  Sheila has worked in residential treatment for children's mental health, child welfare services, and supervision in residential substance abuse for women and their children, as well as an Adjunct Instructor at Grand View University.  Sheila provides individual therapy, couples counseling, departmental trainings, department consultation, Peer Support, and CISM/CISD collaboration.  Sheila is a member of the Peer Support and/or CISM/CISD teams for West Des Moines PD, West Des Moines EMS, Jasper County Sheriff's Office, Newton Fire Department, Des Moines PD's Peer Support Resources Committee, and the First Responders Peer Support Foundation Board. 

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